One on one Skype .

Given that times are tough and everyone worldwide is in some kind of isolation right now, I feel that being connected and having some form of companionship are super important. keeping in good spirits and quashing those feelings of loneliness that may be creeping up is what I am all about. also just having a bloody good time and enjoying life.

I have decided that Skype one on one bookings are the logical way to socially distance and still enjoy ourselves so I am now offering these by appointment only.

I have added some new options to my online store to make it super easy to do.

as it isn't through a platform that isn't my own there are no commissions , fees etc, making it cheaper for you.

Prices are as follows

$100 for a 15 min skimpy clothed session

$100 for a 10 min topless session

$200 for a 20 min nude session

*please note that my usual standards apply .

these sessions feature me chatting, being nude/topless/clothed, and striptease only.

perhaps some oil or cream fro extra fun.

Sessions need to be booked in advance

no screenshots are permitted if the session is recorded without my permission the session will end immediately

no refunds will be given


skype chats

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