I am an Adult Entertainer, this means I perform Erotic Shows, striptease, waitressing or nude cooking services.


I am NOT an Escort so please Do NOT ask!

A 50% deposit is required to confirm a booking. Booking is not treated as confirmed until it has been received.

No refunds will be given if a booking is cancelled.

No cameras, videos or mobile phones are permitted to be used during the performance. However, I am happy to pose for group photos AFTER the performance.

Be Repectful! My shows are much more fun and enjoyed by all, if the crowd is positive and respectful. This means no rude or abusive comments, no touching my show mat or props, no spilling drinks, no throwing things etc.

If I feel unsafe or disrespected at any time it is my right to end the show and NO refund will be given. It is the responsibility of you (the client) to inform your guests attending the event/party of these rules.

There must be a room available for me to get changed in private prior to the show. Please advise me if the booking is for a surprise so that I can arrive in costume and ready to perform.

I need an appropriate area available to perform my routine. It must be a clean area, large enough to ensure I have enough space to give you and your guests a great show. I do not perform outdoors or on concrete. This is very important so please ensure you have a suitable area available or you may risk the show being cancelled upon arrival. If this is the case, your deposit will not be refunded.

Under NO circumstances am I to be touched or groped by the host or anyone at the event/party without being invited by me. I may allow guided touching but this at the discretion of me and me only, and you may only touch the areas that I direct you to touch during the entertainment.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the show being ended and NO refund being given. It is the responsibility of you (the client) to inform others atending the event/party of this.